Welcome to Honored Spaces Psychotherapy!

Behind the Honored Spaces Psychotherapy name:

While I offer an eclectic range of therapy modalities, my baseline clinical orientation is centered on Carl Rogers (1902-1987), a humanistic psychologist. He felt that to grow as an individual and best heal, people must have an environment rich with openness and self-disclosure (genuineness), being treated with unconditional positive regard (acceptance), and being listened to and understood (empathy). When it came time to name my private practice, I knew that I wanted something that reflected my Rogerian beliefs. I knew that I believed in honoring each person where they were all throughout their therapy journey, and thus Honored Spaces Psychotherapy was born!


Are you needing help putting the pieces back together? When your life feels as though it is falling apart, sometimes help is needed to first identify the pieces and then put them back together. You don’t have to do this alone. Give me a call so your healing can begin.

Compassionate, mindful and tenacious–that is what I bring to the team that we become, as we work together to assist in the re-connection of interpersonal issues needing introspection, acceptance and resolution.

– Aimée M. Bradley

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Meet Aimée M. Bradley MA, LMHC ~ Originally from the farthest regions of Northern NY, Aimée Bradley relocated to Port Angeles, WA in November 1986, and was first hired to create and direct the town’s original domestic violence shelter in January 1987. Her earliest degrees– an AAS in Early Child Education (1979 at SUNY at Cobleskill, NY) and an LPN–working as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital in Sarasota, Fl. were instrumental in claiming her passion as a compassionate therapist today. Aimée was lead teacher and Childcare Specialist at her local college’s lab pre-school from ’97-2003. she received her BA in Psychology from Argosy, Seattle in 2010, and her MA in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University, Seattle, 2013. with an internship at Jefferson Mental Health Services, Port Townsend, WA (2012-13). Aimée is currently working in the following mental health areas of intervention: Abuse & other trauma recovery, Coaching, Children, teens & Adults, Compassionate listening, Cultural, Spiritual, Faith-honored, Depression, Expressive (creative) Therapies, Grief work, Individual & group therapy, LBGT Sensitive, Parenting Skills, PTSD, and Talk Therapy.