Appointments and Fees


Appointments are scheduled for 50-60 minutes. When you arrive on time for appointments, both your therapist’s and your own best work can be realized. When you arrive late for an appointment, this is time lost not only to you and your therapist, but to a potential client who may have been hoping for that time slot. Sometimes there are extraordinary circumstances and sessions must be rescheduled. In the event you cannot keep an appointment for any reason, please give at least 24-hours’ notice of cancellation or rescheduled appointments. Cancellations received less than 24-hours prior to your appointment or “no shows” will be subject to billing at 50% of the normal fee. Payment for a missed appointment will be due before the start of your next scheduled appointment.


The fee for psychotherapy is $120.00 per 50-60-minute session. While I currently am paneled with Provider One and some Employee Assistence Programs(EAPs), I am an“out-of-pocket” provider. Payment can be made in cash, money order, or check. Checks can be written to Aimée M. Bradley or Honored Spaces Psychotherapy. Payment in full is due at the time of the session. “Insufficient Funds” checks will be charged the bank’s fee of $12.00, in addition to the original amount of the check. Any legal proceedings which require your therapist’s participation, including preparation, transportation, and testimony, will be billed at the current hourly rate.

*Please refer to the Disclosure statement in this website